Best Documentary Film



This film could win simply because of the high profile of Banksy. How could anyone forget about him with his artwork appearing all over LA this past week? Banksy has the Academy nervous and for good reason. His chances of winning are high, the film is hip, cool and unique. It will be a close call between Exit and Inside Job.


Josh Fox

This film created a lot of controversy amongst the oil-and-gas giants. There is a lot of buzz about the “facts” of this film which will hinder its chances. While controversy is usually welcome with documentaries this one can’t compete with the profile Bansky has created.With this years competition, it doesn’t have much of a shot.


Charles Ferguson

Upon winning DGA last month, this documentary has become this year’s front-runner. It’s the second nomination for Ferguson following 2007’s No End in Sight. It’s a popular issue in the US which will work in its favor even if it isn’t the strongest documentary in the bunch. It is the safer selection.


Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger

Not your typical war documentary. It’s a gritty and real look into the lives of  the men at war. It’s hard hitting and deeply moving without the political agenda of the war. Hetherington and Junger deserve an Oscar for the risk they took to make this film. Good chance it could upset and would be well deserved.


Lucy Walker

Regarded as a crowd pleaser, this documentary is very touching and uplifting. Walker has been creating quite a name for herself by releasing two great documentaries this year. Chances are slim for this one as well, only opening in the US this month to a limited release.


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