Brent Guy

Film writer and Memorial student from St. John’s, Canada. When I’m not obsessing about foreign film or the latest Criterion selections, I’m probably out golfing, drinking wine or watching football. Go Pack.


5 Responses to Brent Guy

  1. T K Walsh says:

    Not to bad for a bunch of NEWFS

  2. Bridget says:

    Great effort by the oezanigrr, it was a fun and team building event. I think most of the heavy liftings were done by the oezanigrr despite having all of those volunteers. May be volunteers were not clear about their roles and responisbilites, I don’t know. I think volunteers need to be more proactive and support the oezanigrr. I am not trying to bust anybodys balls but we can improve the over all quality of the game next time.My recommendation: Organizer:1. Clearly assign/ delegate roles and responsibilites to the volunteers, i.e. transportation, medical team, admin, water, food, ball recovery team, trash collection etc.Volunteers:1. Know your roles and responsibilites2. Be professional, be courteous3. Perform your jobThank you.Samrakshak

  3. Mareike says:

    4th paragraph ma yes sachmarana ko pani khasai auchitye rahana chaina hunu parne ma asttityorahane chaina, huna gayeko ma chyama ! Kripaya sachyayera padhidinu hola.

  4. here says:

    A pleasingly rational answer. Good to hear from you.

  5. Dollie says:

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