COMING ATTRACTIONS: Much Ado About Nothing

Amid filming The Avengers in 2011, Joss Whedon  corralled his usual players for a filming of the Shakespearean comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Reported to be his passion project for some time now, the film is a modern retelling of the classic play where one couple is brought together, and another torn asunder, through the means of rumor and gossip. This film premiered at TIFF last year to positive reviews.

The trailer above promises a fun, jazzy retelling starring Whedon favorites including Nathan Fillion, Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Fran Kranz, and pretty much everyone else he has ever worked with. It was filmed at Whedon’s house in California and, with a great director such as Whedon and the incomparable source material from Shakespeare, we can only expect a great film.

Release date – June 21


About Jason Forbes

Engineer, movie-enthusiast, and video-game addict. When not defending the universe from Skeletor, I can be found in the lab or man-cave.
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2 Responses to COMING ATTRACTIONS: Much Ado About Nothing

  1. Stephanie Penton says:

    This played at TIFF 2012 when I was there but the tickets sold out by the time it was my turn. While I was incredibly pleased by my film picks for TIFF I would have gladly traded “Something in the Air” or “The Paperboy” for this one

    • Jason Forbes says:

      Yeah, I saw Something in the Air at VIFF. That was a mess a movie. I get what he was going for, but Assayas was all over the place.

      I still haven’t seen Paperboy. I keep putting it off after hearing Lee Daniels essentially pisses all over the script, not unlike what Nicole Kidman does to Zac Efron.

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