TOP 10: Opening Scenes

The opening scene of a film is a statement. Be it a 10 minute tracking shot or a quick establishing cut, the first images you see on screen are intended to set the mood, the pace, and give a tantalizing first taste of what is to come. Some films will provide a certain circularity, returning to the first scene and filling in some blanks or revisiting a theme. Other films use this space as a prologue of sorts, an oblique image or monologue that is intended to give the film a particular tone.

Regardless of the director’s intentions, the opening of any work is important to suck a viewer in, to allow a full immersion into the world of the film. And here is our countdown of the Top 10 Opening Scenes in film history.

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Film writer and Memorial student from St. John's, Canada. When I'm not obsessing about foreign film or the latest Criterion selections, I'm probably out golfing, drinking wine or watching football. Go Pack.
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