Banksy, no stranger to controversy, is gearing-up for the Academy Awards by dropping new pieces around Los Angeles. His documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, has garnered much attention and praise from the staff here at NewFoundFilm and is currently an Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature.

The art-pieces feature a critical look at L.A. and the Hollywood culture, including a coked-up Minnie Mouse and lecherous, carousing Mickey lambasting the Hollywood lifestyle.

This comes after the words of caution from Academy president Tom Sherak, stating “If Banksy isn’t comfortable showing his face on the Kodak stage then the Academy isn’t comfortable having him on that stage.” The Academy is banking on “no additional shenanigans” from Banksy during the Awards ceremony.

The Academy is afraid that Banksy will antagonize the movie industry on the night when they most try to push past the hypocrisy and celebrate film. If Banksy’s recent art is of any indication, we can expect him to do something during the Oscars.

The rest of Banksy’s new street-art can be found on his site.



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Engineer, movie-enthusiast, and video-game addict. When not defending the universe from Skeletor, I can be found in the lab or man-cave.
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2 Responses to THE DOCUMENTARY PROJECT: Banksy Lands In L.A.

  1. Stephanie Penton says:

    I LOVE the Charlie Brown one. Apparently Lauren Conrad from The Hills found it and Tweeted it first

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